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Feels like a fat bloody gorilla climbing down off my back.

I'm exhausted after working very late over the last couple weeks to get everything done in time... And also slightly terrified to look over it again, just again in case I spot the obvious mistake that all my proof-reading missed.

[Side note.There must be a law along the lines of: The probability of spotting an error increases exponentially after the point of submission. If not, I'm claiming it.]

But, that's just being dramatic, really. Overall, pretty chuffed with how things went and hopefully round off my MSc with a good mark on the big one.

Walked out of the post-office (I had to mail three hard copies from here in addition to an electronic version) half an hour ago. Felt that June Lisbon sunshine on my face and realised that I've got eight weeks of holiday ahead of me. Let the good times roll.