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I'm in a world of thesis pain at the moment. My hand-in is just around the corner and I'm frantically making some revisions based on the last set of my supervisor's comments, fine tuning the writing, etc, etc. Boo hoo, I know.

Fear not, however, as I have secured the guest blogging services of regular music pundit, Poncey Malherber. Here he is and please direct all praise/criticism his way. (I'm too busy even to "edit vociferously"!)...


Stickman is using his 'thesis' as an excuse and informs me that he won't be writing a Cover Thursdays post for the second week running. I find both the situation and the excuse quite unacceptable.

I also note that he's had time for plenty of what I like to call his Ecos malarky which, according to stickmansdad, might be breaking ground in the fight against insomnia. But I'll put that down to market forces.

There's no better platform for blog bashing than here, but let's put that aside for this sneaky little Joni Mitchell cover which should be enough to start some sort of musical debate.

I only found it this morning so won't be able to comment on it's longevity. The original, however, is an all time classic. And coming from a guy who doesn't enjoy female vocalists as a rule — is quite some endorsement.

I'll tell you what I'm blathering about, man.

Poncey Malherber


PS - Stickman rudely contacted me and told me that Thursday covers require TWO cover versions. No thank yous. No 'awesomes'. Just a 'send another one or else' type of vibe.

Two can play that game. Here's my second cover:

Seeing as this is my guest post I'll say that I reckon Eddie Vedder is one of the greatest voices and talents in musical history, but is well below average in the song writing department. Stickman disagrees (and will probably edit vociferously), but there it's out there.

Watch how he kills this Cat Stevens cover. EINA!