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To be released as 0.1

  • Major speed-up for extracting parttree nodes and coordinates on complicated trees (#15).
  • Add method for tidymodels workflows objects fitted with "rpart" engine (#7 by @juliasilge).
Bug fixes
  • Support for negative values (#6 by @pjgeens).
  • Better handling of single-level factors and flipaxes (#5).
  • Bump ggplot2 version dependency to match deprecated functions from 3.4.0.
  • Switched to “main” as primary GitHub branch for development.
  • Added two dedicated vignettes.

parttree 0.0.1

  • Create parttree() generic. (again, #3 by @zeileis)
  • Support for partykit objects (i.e. constparty class), which in turn allows support for base plot methods. (#3 by @zeileis)
  • ggplot2 moves from imports to depends and is now automatically loaded with parttree.
  • Add flipaxes argument for easy switching in case or mismatch plot orientation. (#2 by @brhkim)
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.


  • Initial set of functions.