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To the heart of the Euro crisis!

less than 1 minute read

Well, maybe not the heart... Pancreas perhaps? After seriously hacking to sort out the correct visa (I <3 immigration bureaucracies), I'm off to Portugal!...

Exploitation and Industrialisation

3 minute read

In the comments thread of the Meat and Veg(etarianism) post, I drew a parallel between the ethical treatment of animals and the banning of child labour. That...

2010 ties for hottest year on record

less than 1 minute read

There or thereabouts. Just saying. PS - As for the floods in Australia, Brazil and elsewhere... I believe that those are the result of La Niña. I fin...

Chirp of the Day - Australia

1 minute read

A Norwegian friend of mine was telling me about the first time he ever traveled outside of Europe, which happened to be a gap-year stint in Australia after...

Meat and Veg(etarianism)

5 minute read

UPDATE: I stumbled upon this George Monbiot post today (Jan 24) from a few months back, discussing what seems to be a very interesting book by one Simon Fair...