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A thought on supply-side micro

3 minute read

The Financial Times ran a story yesterday about Britain and Switzerland closing in on a deal regarding the taxation of the undeclared assets of wealthy indiv...

The awesomeness of Frightened Rabbit

1 minute read

Commentator Dave asks a question on this post; what album would I consider worthy of the title “2008 Album of the Year”? (See the post for date context.)<...

Sustainability - Robert Solow’s take

less than 1 minute read

I wrote the bulk of the previous post before (re-)reading a Robert Solow essay that I’d largely forgotten about, Sustainability: An Economist’s Perspective.P...

Sustainability: Defining the undefinable

7 minute read

What does it mean for something to be “sustainable”? Does the term, as it is widely used in the public lexicon today, contribute anything useful to our every...