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Commentator Dave asks a question on this post; what album would I consider worthy of the title "2008 Album of the Year"? (See the post for date context.)

I didn't even bat an eyelid in answering: "Frightened Rabbit's Midnight Organ Fight by a country mile". 

By coincidence then, I see that my mate Nic has just posted a song off their (equally-as-good) 2010 follow up, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, on Facebook. Being the perceptive reader of signs that I am, I do not wish to anger the blogging gods by refusing a post on, arguably, the best thing to emerge from the music world over the last five years.

Since this post is largely directed at those among you that don't know Frightened Rabbit already... I can only repeat a comment that I saw the first time I ever watched one of their videos. And I quote: "Go out and buy their album now. It will change your life for the better with its infinite awesomeness."

Pretty profound piece of folk wisdom there[*] and, what's more, not one word of lie! Seriously, go out and get your hands on their stuff. I'll start you off with this, which is where I began:

[Please note some NSFW lyrics. Although, what's few cuss words between friends?]

Actually, just buy the albums. Trust me, they will improve your life with their infinite awesomeness. 

[*] The best music endorsement that I've yet heard was spoilt for the fact that it was describing a Björk concert; an artist that I simply cannot stand. Asked how the experience was, the reply came: "Like losing your virginity to God". Such a good chirp and more's the pity that it was wasted on that little Icelandic oddity!