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Changing Faces

3 minute read

I’ve just come back from London, where I was staying with one of my best friends from school. He is a professional rugby player and currently plies his trade...


3 minute read

That the Oslo-Utøya killings were a heinous, monstrous act is beyond question. However, the sheer scale of shock cannot be separated from the fact that they ...

More on Norway, liberty and labels

4 minute read

UPDATE: Two very good additional posts by Daniel and Gene Callahan. In particular, will Breivik’s quoting of Mises and Hayek be cause for reflection among li...

Quote of the day - Terrorism

less than 1 minute read

"You don't protect civilization by dismantling its civilizing achievements."  - Tom Arnold, former member of the British Parliament.

Reconciling capitalism and environmentalism

4 minute read

Alternative subject line: Saving environmentalism from the environmentalistsMy attention has been brought to a new book by the British environmentalist and a...