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On censorship and misreading Ray Bradbury

2 minute read

Earlier today I read Bill Maher's op-ed in the NYT: Please Stop Apologizing. I deeply agree with his general point and am reminded of the way he put it &mdas...

At least our benevolent Google overlords care

less than 1 minute read

about their water footprint. <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"></if...

The language of science: Paleo edition

4 minute read

I've developed an armchair interest in the so-called "paleo" diet. Among other things, my curiosity was piqued when Tim Noakes — one of South Africa's ...

International Energy Workshop in June

less than 1 minute read

Sweet news.I’ll be presenting my paper on electricity prices and water scarcity at this year’s International Energy Workshop, which will be held in…Cape Town...