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about their water footprint.

Like thermal-based power plants, data centers are thirsty bastards when it comes to cooling water. The above video comes via Forbes, who also inform us:
Google did not reveal exactly how much water the Douglas County data center consumes but in an e-mail company spokeswoman Kate Hurowitz said, “It varies from day to day, but a typical data center of this size can use hundreds of thousands of gallons a day.” 
I can barely say Chattahoochee River, let alone spell it, but they look like good, salt o' the earth folk to me. I'm happy if they're happy.
Peter Frost, executive director of the Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority, said Google is saving taxpayer money as the local government now does not have to treat as much wastewater. 

“That saves capacity for future homeowners as well as businesses,” he said in the video. [Thanks Pete, we saw the video! - Ed.]