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Quote of the day - Occam’s Razor

less than 1 minute read

Finally, in some areas at least, Nature seems to show an inexplicable simplicity. This is a brute fact, more or less of a bonus, which if it had not existed ...

The problem with economic school-ism

3 minute read

Economists are a tribal bunch. The endless list of denominations, schools and sub-schools would be enough to make a Christian theologian blush.<div><...


less than 1 minute read

You may have noticed that blogging activity around these parts has taken a marked turn for the worse lately. My life has turned into one soul-sapping assignm...

Murphy vs Nordhaus vs Me summarized

1 minute read

It might be difficult to keep track of things in my previous post, because the lengthy discussion involves numerous claims and counterclaims. With the aim in...