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Gas booms and carbon leakage

1 minute read

Following what I hope is my last written exam ever earlier this month, I must apologise for the sporadic posting of late. You see, I’ve also made my way home...

The limits of reductio ad absurdum

3 minute read

Unlearning Econ has a new post up on Milton Friedman in which he, among other things, criticises Friedman’s use of reductio ad absurdum arguments to win deba...

Coffee drinkers and energy subsidies

less than 1 minute read

Busy times over here with term papers due, TA work and finishing up some revisions for my current working paper. (Referee comments were pretty favourable, so...

Debt and utility come alive!

2 minute read

As promised, here is an interactive Excel spreadsheet showing how utility changes in a debt-financing scenario versus the laissez faire case. Read my previou...