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A note on the Vegter review

1 minute read

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how popular my review of Ivo Vegter’s “Extreme Environment” has proven. I initially thought that only a handful of people w...

Review - Extreme Environment (Ivo Vegter)

24 minute read

Extreme Environment (hereafter EE) is a book written by South African journalist, Ivo Vegter. I have mentioned Vegter before on this blog and he generously a...

Unintended consequences

3 minute read

During the last year, South Africa has been in the throes of violent upheaval in the mining industry. Most prominently the “Marikana massacre”, which receive...

Back in business

1 minute read

Having said goodbye to family and friends after a wonderful holiday in South Africa, and then endured a 20-plus hour trip (two transit stops) back to Norway ...