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Climate science is pseudoscience(?)

2 minute read

So says Ivo Vegter in his latest column, calling up the spirit of Karl Popper. I drop by in several places in the comments, saying that this pretty much utte...

Chavez, Thatcher and the oil that binds them

less than 1 minute read

Daniel Yergin (one of the world’s foremost energy experts) tweeted yesterday: “Too soon to say what Hugo Chavez’ death means for oil prices but it is certain...

Hardship on the slopes

less than 1 minute read

The posts may have dried up a tad here at the Corral, but things have been busy for yours truly back in the real world. Most notably going away for our depar...

More on inflation, violence and identification

5 minute read

Chris has responded to my previous post, which he frames as a criticism of his research. I should state upfront that this does not strike me as entirely accu...

Did monetary expansion cause the Arab Spring?

4 minute read

South Africa’s top economic and financial daily, Business Day, ran an article yesterday referring to research conducted in part by my old school friend and o...