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Monetary regimes and economic outcomes

2 minute read

Eric Rauchway has a post over at Crooked Timber that’s generating a fair bit of interest, since it compares real economic growth and inflation for the “G7” c...

New writing gig - The Energy Collective

1 minute read

Some exciting news for yours truly is that I’ll be writing a series of articles for the excellent energy and climate website, The Energy Collective, as part ...

Noonday Tune

less than 1 minute read

I get quite a bit of flack from (non-economist) friends and family whenever this blog goes too long without a music intermission... or some other distraction...

Climate science is pseudoscience(?)

2 minute read

So says Ivo Vegter in his latest column, calling up the spirit of Karl Popper. I drop by in several places in the comments, saying that this pretty much utte...