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I get quite a bit of flack from (non-economist) friends and family whenever this blog goes too long without a music intermission... or some other distraction from the usual fair of "mundane econo-mese". (Thanks guys!)

The good news then, is that I recently joined Noonday Tune as a contributor. As the name suggests, this is a very cool website that posts a new song everyday at noon.

My first three contributions are a mix of stuff that I've been listening to lately and then some Scandinavian bands that I feel deserve a wider international exposure:
  1. "Augustine" - We Are Augustines
  2. "Hjerteknuser" (Heartbreaker) - Kaizers Orchestra
  3. "Sister to all" - Real Ones
Well, don't just sit there. Hit the links and indulge your ears with aural satisfaction.