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ggfixest 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2023-12-14

First CRAN release!

New features

  • The aggr_es function now supports numeric sequences for aggregating a specific subset of periods, in addition to the existing keyword strings like “pre” or “post”. This functionality also passes through to the higher order plotting functions that call aggr_es under the hood. For example, ggiplot(est, aggr_eff = 6:8). (#33)
  • Users can now adjust standard errors for model objects on-the-fly at plot time, by passing an appropriate argument, e.g. ggcoefplot(est, vcov = "hc1"). These on-the-fly adjustments are done via summary.fixest, and so the effect is just the same as passing an adjusted object directly, e.g. ggcoefplot(summary(est, vcov = "hc1")). However, it may prove more convenient for simultaneously adjusting a list of multiple models, e.g.  ggcoefplot(list(est1, est2, est3), vcov = "hc1"). (#35)

ggfixest 0.0.3

Breaking change

  • The package name has been changed to ggfixest (#29).