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The “call on OPEC”

3 minute read

Reading through some of those Wikileaks’ cables from last week on how Saudi Arabia has been… uh… massaging the true extent of their remaining oil reserves, I...

Wikileaks: Saudis overstating oil reserves

1 minute read

… Apparently by as much as 40%.Heavy days.I’ve yet to read through the actual cables, but The Guardian’s summary doesn’t paint the prettiest picture:<bloc...

Two quick links - Krugman edition

1 minute read

Paul Krugman is the ultimate polarising force. People either love him or loathe him. I suppose that’s what comes with the territory when you are, arguably, t...

Food prices and climate change (gasp!)

4 minute read

Secondary subject line: The relative prices argument for strong action against climate change. Paul Krugman must have been feeling more provocative than usu...