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More on Malthus

less than 1 minute read

If you don’t wish to take my word on Malthus, here’s a snippet from Econlib’s excellent encyclopedia entry that I’ve just stumbled upon:<blockquote class=...

Don’t let be misunderstood: Malthus edition

6 minute read

Poor Thomas Malthus. Has there ever been a more maligned and misunderstood figure in the history of economics? With depressingly few exceptions, both his cri...

The sardonic Adam Smith

less than 1 minute read

In reality high profits tend much more to raise the price of work than high wages. [...]In raising the price of commodities the rise of wages operates in the...

Rhino poaching… Hope on the horizon?

3 minute read

A few months ago, I discussed the staggering increase in rhino poaching that is plaguing Southern Africa. According to the Dept. of Environmental Affairs, a ...

Earth Hour: Sending the right message?

1 minute read

In the build up to this year’s Earth Hour, humourless critics were once again up in arms about the fact that turning off the lights for one hour would have a...