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Quick links (05/05/2012)

1 minute read

I’m about to go into a pre-exam blogging hibernation, but here are some links to keep you interested:1) Ed Dolan gives a nice overview of the economic issues...

Slogans for Heartland

1 minute read

Given my previous discussion of the Heartland Institute and climate change, I feel to compelled to comment on this latest development. From The Guardian:<...

Quote(s) of the Day - Marxism

less than 1 minute read

Just to prove my even-handedness on this issue of a priorism and empirical validation, here is the father of the falsification doctrine himself, Karl Popper,...

Another post on empirics (and a priorism)

3 minute read

I was away last week in Amsterdam taking part in The Econometric Game, a competition involving 30 universities from around the world. Despite the… hmmm… dour...