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The plot thickens in the debt debate

3 minute read

Since joining this debate, I have consistently argued that deficit financing is no less sustainable than taxation if economic growth is at least equal to the...

Even more debt and inheritance (and sales)

2 minute read

Bob Murphy and another commentator have left some interesting observations underneath my last post. They basically want to distinguish between straight-up be...

Debt and inheritance

2 minute read

UPDATE: Spotted an important typo in the text that I’ve now corrected for. I’ve also added a sentence or two to the paragraph before the Baker quote to hopef...

Review: Surviving Progress

1 minute read

Apologies for the lack of posting recently. Aside from research stuff, most of my "internet" time has been spent working on the RECONOMICS HUB.[*] We have no...

Climate, economy and ladies

1 minute read

As a postscript to the previous entry, here’s a quick story about a newspaper interview that I had last week. It was with one of the major broadsheets of the...