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Quote of the Week - Schadenfreude

less than 1 minute read

"[T]he British are the only people who indulge in schadenfreude – pleasure derived from another’s misery – about themselves." An oldie, admittedly, but nicel...

A question for Nassim Taleb fans

4 minute read

I read an interesting article last night, detailing a public exchange between Daniel Kahneman and Nassim Taleb.<blockquote class="tr_bq">[E]ach man was...

Backyard (royal) skulls

1 minute read

People seem to be pretty excited by the discovery of Richard III’s skeleton underneath a Leicestershire car park. I suppose this would be quite interesting i...

I was Ayn Rand’s lover

less than 1 minute read

Posted this on twitter a few minutes ago, but I’ve just stumbled on the best piece of satirical writing that I have read in ages: I was Ayn Rand’s lover by G...

Review - Economics Evolving (Agnar Sandmo)

3 minute read

Following an email exchange with Dan Kuehn and Jon Catalán, I decided that it was finally time to write up a review for Agnar Sandmo’s “Economics Evolving” (...