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Video - Fracking chat with David Zetland

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I had a long video chat with David Zetland yesterday, where we discussed fracking, water pollution, property rights and a bunch of related issues. David’s ta...

Recent Noonday Tune contributions

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“Junk Bond Trader” — Elliott Smith“Love Spreads” — The Stone Roses(Worth clicking through for the descriptions alone!)


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Just clocked up our 30,000th pageview here at The Corral.<div></div><div>I feel that this a pretty respectable return for a (very) part-t...

Fracking and water pollution

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My new article for The Energy Collective is up: Hydraulic Fracking and Water Pollution.There’s much debate about whether shale gas “fracking” (i.e. hydraulic...

Am I being unreasonable?

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See the back-and-forth here.Generally, I try to be as civil as possible when it comes to internet debates. (Often is the time that I’ve rewritten a response ...