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That little beauty of a subject line is the title of an email that I received today. The message itself reads:
Dear [XXX]

You all were FANTASTIC on Saturday night!!!  I can't thank you enough
for the time, passion and artistry you contributed to the evening!  It was
so thrilling to see how you all transformed [XXX] into the Moulin Rouge. 

Your energy and joy filled the room every time you entered. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Well, it's certainly not every day that I get such a glowing review.

Alas, I cannot claim this one. I actually get these emails fairly often as my name (and hence email address) is very similar to someone apparently heavily involved in Boston's amateur theatre scene.

I used to send my apologies and explain the case of mistaken identity... But as it kept happening, I've since just decided to embrace it. At least this way I get to keep tabs on what's happening in Massachusetts art house scene.

To my (almost) namesake, whoever you are: Keep up the good work!

Lady Marmalade