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Africa. Where men are men.

And so, it seems, are certain women...

The following link was posted on my facebook profile by an Italian friend:

Johannesburg - A 30-year-old man was off to play pool when three women asked him to direct them to a hotel and he claims they raped him in turn after they had had drinks.


"On the way to the hotel, the driver suddenly changed direction and drove to an open piece of veld near the Durban Roodepoort Deep mine.

Kept gun on him all the time

"One of the women pulled out a gun and held up the man while the other two undressed.

"Then all three of them raped him in turn, with one of them keeping the gun pointed at him," said Nothnagel.

This elicited various comments about the proclivities of South African women and my personal motivations for studying abroad. My response (which will not endear me to counselling centres around the world) was: "Hey, the only men I've heard about being raped in SA were the Italian football team back in June... Seriously though, I'm not even sure how this would 'work'?"

To which a Norwegian (female) friend responded: "Raped? Really? At gunpoint!... Scared stiff?

But fair.

(Again, more chirp of the day, but I don't see the point in creating a new label just yet...)