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So it seems that my "Why we need maths in economics" post was picked up by someone in the Mises.org community... Who, in turn, may have first read about it on Daniel Kuehn's blog. Judging by my stats page, these links appear to have been largely responsible for pushing my audience figures into triple figures for the first time. To continue with joke that I made on Daniel's site: In blogging terms, I feel like I've just made it to third base.

Anyway, I certainly appreciate the interest and any comments. Since I am aware that many Austrians feel a return to the gold standard is ultimately necessary to ensure economic stability and prevent government debasement of money*, I offer the following video a token of good will:

If this all seems a rather convoluted segue to get to a song... Yes, the answer may simply be that I was looking for an excuse to put up something that takes me back to my 90s music roots. Better not to think about it too much though. Just enjoy the soundz.

* For the record, I think that the gold standard is plagued by a whole host of problems, but that remains another subject for another day.