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Two things that I learnt about Ikea (and public transport) yesterday:

1) Flat packed furniture may be much easier to move about than the ready-built stuff, but it is still rather cumbersome to transport your new apartment furnishings on the bus. Also, other passengers tend to frown upon such behaviour... especially when your new lounge unit is taking up all available seats. If disapproving looks from (standing) elderly women don't get you down, then the walk uphill to your apartment — with said furniture on your back — just might.

2) Ikea's greatest achievement is not that it provides affordable furniture and home luxuries to the masses. Rather, it is helping a generation of emasculated, desk-bound males feel something like the practical men that their grandfathers were. I haven't felt this "handy" since I was champion Lego builder of my neighbourhood circa 1988.

Can the trolley come too?