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ggiplot 0.0.2

New features

  • Support for ggcoefplot, a ggplot equivalent of coefplot (#28).
  • Support pt.size argument for controlling the size of point markers (#27). Thanks @jcvdav.
  • Support keep and drop arguments for subsetting coefficients (#22).

Bug fixes and breaking changes

  • Fix naming mismatch in multiple estimation with different time periods (#10). Thanks @brockmwilson.
  • Slight tweak to default theme, which now uses dotted grid lines to more closely match iplot() (#e5cf0b0).
  • Correctly parse formula-transformed dependent variable names, e.g. log(y (#20).
  • The confidence intervals for some figures may be slightly wider due to upstream changes in fixest (#25; see also


ggiplot 0.0.1

  • Tweaks to plot output, including integer breaks on x-axis (where appropriate) and allow additional user-level control (e.g. CI alpha or width levels)
  • Support multiple confidence levels (#2, #5)
  • Support multiple LHS variables (#1)
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.