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xkcd - Beliefs

less than 1 minute read

Can’t believe I missed this one…HT: Lou Grinzo

Action Axiom: Rothbard contra Mises/Kant

2 minute read

Okay, last thing I’m going to post on the action axiom for a while, but a friend (of unabashed anarcho-capitalist persuasions) emails me:<blockquote>Yo...

Links - Anti-polemic edition

4 minute read

It’s something of a point of pride that I don’t wish this blog to descend into a polemic. In that spirit, here are several links to some interesting articles...

George Selgin on the Action Axiom

4 minute read

Plus my reply.I was pleasantly surprised to see George Selgin leave a comment underneath my previous post concerning Mises’s action axiom. In case you missed...