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Putting a price on nature (II)

6 minute read

Yesterday, I wrote a post in response to George Monbiot's recent column, "The true value of nature is not a number with a pound sign in front", which laments...

Putting a price on nature (I)

5 minute read

George Monbiot has produced another thought-provoking column this week. However, rather than take his fellow greens to task for their irrational and self-def...

Should pregnant women be banned from smoking?

5 minute read

In several recent posts, Dan Kuehn advanced the notion that “the future” is, in some sense, an autarkic regime… Basically, that people in the future simply...

A riddle: Hats and signalling

2 minute read

Some of you may know this one already, but a here’s a favourite riddle of mine.Four prisoners are blindfolded and arranged as follows: Three of them are line...

Bleg - LaTeX (plus Linux)

1 minute read

So, I’m thinking of making the big, bad move over to LaTeX. The document style and structure simply look too good for me to keep plugging away at Microsoft W...