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Climate change & the balance of probabilities

5 minute read

Freeman leaves a comment under an older post, regarding my statement that “[…]there are uncertainties in climate science - as any climate scientist worth his...

Putting a price on nature (II)

6 minute read

Yesterday, I wrote a post in response to George Monbiot's recent column, "The true value of nature is not a number with a pound sign in front", which laments...

Putting a price on nature (I)

5 minute read

George Monbiot has produced another thought-provoking column this week. However, rather than take his fellow greens to task for their irrational and self-def...

Should pregnant women be banned from smoking?

5 minute read

In several recent posts, Dan Kuehn advanced the notion that “the future” is, in some sense, an autarkic regime… Basically, that people in the future simply...

A riddle: Hats and signalling

2 minute read

Some of you may know this one already, but a here’s a favourite riddle of mine.Four prisoners are blindfolded and arranged as follows: Three of them are line...