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Thesis = Submitted

less than 1 minute read

Feels like a fat bloody gorilla climbing down off my back.I’m exhausted after working very late over the last couple weeks to get everything done in time… An...

Cover Thursdays - Poncey Special edition

1 minute read

I’m in a world of thesis pain at the moment. My hand-in is just around the corner and I’m frantically making some revisions based on the last set of my super...

Climate change & the balance of probabilities

5 minute read

Freeman leaves a comment under an older post, regarding my statement that “[…]there are uncertainties in climate science - as any climate scientist worth his...

Putting a price on nature (II)

6 minute read

Yesterday, I wrote a post in response to George Monbiot's recent column, "The true value of nature is not a number with a pound sign in front", which laments...

Putting a price on nature (I)

5 minute read

George Monbiot has produced another thought-provoking column this week. However, rather than take his fellow greens to task for their irrational and self-def...