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Kings of Convenience - Me in You

less than 1 minute read

If for no other reason than my apartment gets some camera time.[]Some very mellow Sunday night listening with suitably serene Scandinavian scenes.<iframe ...

Science and distortion

less than 1 minute read

Below is a video of the late climate scientist, Stephen Schneider. Please watch it and tell me that scientists are the ones trying to polarize this debate an...

Quote of the day - Let it stand

less than 1 minute read

This one comes via my friend and rival literatus</i>, Bloomsboy[*]. It concerns James Joyce’s relationship with protégé and Waiting for Godot playwrigh...

Cardinal sins

less than 1 minute read

The French statesman Charles Talleyrand famously lamented of the Bourbons: “They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.“<table align="center" cellp...