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That special time of the year has arrived, when I'll be foregoing the pleasures of summer and reaping the rewards of procrastination. Yup, it's exam time for monsieur Stickman. Not only exams, but I have the added joy of finishing some final reports and — the big one — typing up my thesis. (I'll be presenting a paper on it at an econometrics conference in southern Denmark in two weeks, which is probably going to be even wilder than it sounds. /sarcasm)

So, if you don't hear from me all that regularly over the next week or three, you know why. Even as I write this little post, I'm missing out on the Eurovision Song Contest finale.

I know, tragic.[*]

[*] How this steaming pile of tripe manages to captivate an entire continent is beyond me. Clearly, it must be some kind of sophisticated test to sniff out foreigners